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  • Pinsker, Sanford (My Jewish Learning, 2006)
    "If Jewish-American literature in the early years of the 21st century seems to be “going everywhere,” that’s a good, exciting thing. We have, after all, many more decades before the dust settles. History will make judgments ...
  • Gold, Michael (Carroll & Graf Publishers, 1966)
    A classic novel about poor American Jews living in New York City in the early Twentieth Century . Click on the link above to borrow it online from the Internet Archive.
  • Brown, Jeffrey (PBS NewsHour, 2013-10-18)
    Jeffrey Brown interviews Jonathan Lethem about his novel, Dissident Gardens, on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) NewsHour. Click on the link above to access the video..
  • Lethem, Jonathan (2016)
    The Reading Room is a section of Lethem's official homepage, in which he presents some of his uncollected writings. Click on the link above to access the page.
  • Serafin, Steven R. (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2016)
    A brief article in the Encyclopedia Britannica about the background and work of author, Jonathan Safron Foer. Click on the link to read the article.
  • Gross, Terry (National Public Radio (NPR), 2016-11-10)
    An interview by Terry Gross with author, Jonathan Safran Foer, on "Fresh Air," the radio show she hosts on NPR. Click on the link above to listen to the interview and/or read the transcript of the interview.
  • Gottlieb, Amy (Jewish Women's Archive, 2009-03)
    Biography of best-selling author, Judy Blume, Click on the link to read the biography.
  • Blume, Judy (Makers, 2018)
    In this video, Judy Blume discusses her purpose in writing novels and the controversy aroused by her incorporating sexuality in her novels by and about young women. Click on the link to watch the video.
  • Kaddish 
    Ginsberg, Allen (Poetry Foundation, 2017)
    A poem by Allen Ginsberg on the Poetry Foundation web site. Click on the link above to access.
  • Englander, Nathan (Jewish Currents, 2019-04-10)
    This is an excerpt from Nathan Englander's novel "" (Knopf, 2019). Click on the link above to access it.
  • (A&E Television Networks, 2016-11-17)
    A brief biography of Leonard Cohen. Click on the link above to access the biography.
  • Remnick, David (The New Yorker, 2016-10-17)
    A biographical essay about Leonard Cohen, focusing on his last album, "Make It Darker." Click on the link above to access the article.
  • Cohen, Leonard (Jarkko Arjatsalo, 1995)
    A selection of poems by Leonard Cohen. Click on the link to access the page.
  • Henderson, Bruce (Jewish Women's Archive, 2009-03-20)
    A biography of Lillian Hellman. "Controversial both during and after her life, Lillian Hellman is one of the leading women of letters of mid-century America and a pioneer in the area of women as playwrights." Click on the ...
  • Maggid 
    Piercy, Marge (Poetry Foundation, 2001)
    In the Passover Seder the Maggid is the telling of the Passover story. This poem is the poet Marge Piercy's commentary on the story. Click on the link above to read it.
  • Wolitzer, Meg (2018)
    Meg Wolitzer homepage, showing the books she has written and listing her upcoming speaking events. Click on the link to access it.
  • Plallardy, Richard (Encylopedia Britannica, Inc., 2017-01-27)
    A short biography of author, Michael Chabon and discussion of his works. Click on the link above for the article.
  • Foran, Charles (Canadian Encyclopedia, 2015-03-04)
    Article in the Canadian Encyclopedia about the writer, Moredcai Richler. Click on the link to access the article.
  • Richler, Mordecai (Jewish Public Library of Montreal, 1969-03-16)
    Recording in two parts of a reading by Mordecai Richler at the Jewish Public Library of Montreal of his work, then in progress, provisionally entitled, "The Horseman of St. Urbain Street." The book was published in 1971 ...
  • Arnold, Janice (CJN: Canadian Jewish News, 2017-08-16)
    Written on the occasion of the 150th birthday of Canada, this essay considers the life, work and political attitudes of Mordecai Richler about the separatist movement in Quebec. Click on the link to read the article.



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