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  • Mazon (MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger, 2019)
    MAZON began building relationships with rabbis and synagogues across the country, encouraging them to donate a portion of the cost of life-cycle celebrations (weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, and other joyous ...
  • Wolitzer, Meg (2018)
    Meg Wolitzer homepage, showing the books she has written and listing her upcoming speaking events. Click on the link to access it.
  • Erickson, Harold L.; Barson, Michael (Encyclopædia Britannica, inc., 2019-03-27)
    A biographical article about the early life, career and films of Mel Brooks. It describes his launch as an entertainer in the Borscht Belt, predominantly Jewish resorts in the Catskill Mountains. According to the article, ...
  • Schwartz, Melvin (, 2019)
    An autobiographical essay by Melvin Schwartz on the occasion of his being awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1988 along with fellow scientists Leon Lederman and Jack Steinberger. Click on the link above to access.
  • Editors, (, 2017-11-26)
    "This biography of Michael Bloomberg provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline." Click on the link above to access the bioraphy.
  • Plallardy, Richard (Encylopedia Britannica, Inc., 2017-01-27)
    A short biography of author, Michael Chabon and discussion of his works. Click on the link above for the article.
  • Baumgartner, Neil (Jim Crow Museum, Ferris State University, 2012)
    A brief recounting of the deaths of "Civil rights workers Michael Henry Schwerner, James Earl Chaney, and Andrew Goodman [who] were killed by a mob of Klansmen in Neshoba County, Mississippi, on June 21, 1964." Click on ...
  • Rogers, Kara (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2018-02-28)
    A short biography of Michael Rosbash, American geneticist, awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine (shared with Jeffrey C. Hall and Michael W. Young). Click on the link above to access the biography.
  • Goldberg, Michelle (2017)
    Michelle Goldberg's homepage, providing the titles of the books she has written as well as a discussion of the history of her journalistic career. Click on the link to visit her homepage.
  • Milken Archive (Miken Archive, 2020)
    The "Milken Archive was founded in 1990 to document, preserve, and disseminate the vast body of music that pertains to the American Jewish experience. Over the past two-and-a-half decades, the Milken Archive has become the ...
  • Friedman, Milton (, 2018)
    This is an autobiographical essay on the occasion of Milton Friedman's being awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics. Click on the link above to access.
  • Berkowitz, Roger (New York Times, 2013-07-07)
    An article discussing Hannah Arendt's famous and controversial book covering the trial of Adolf Eichmann, Eichmann in Jerusalem. Click on the link above to read the article.
  • Joselit, Jenna Weissman (Jewish Women's Archive, 2009-03-01)
    Written by an accomplished writer who teaches both American studies and modern Judaic studies at Princeton University, this articles discusses some of the good, the bad and the ugly in Jewish American families. Click on ...
  • Kandel, Eric R. (Columbia University, 2004-05-13)
    A slide presentation accompanying a lecture presented by Dr. Kandel on Day 1 of a symposium at Columbia University, entitled "Brain and Mind." Click on the first link above to view the slide presentation. Click on the ...
  • Kaplan, Mordecai M (Digital Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary, 2010)
    Diaries, 1913-1975, include draft essays, lectures, and letters, as well as detailed accounts of meetings and events and other matters. Collection also includes miscellaneous letters, 1910, 1955, 1957; and program for ...
  • Foran, Charles (Canadian Encyclopedia, 2015-03-04)
    Article in the Canadian Encyclopedia about the writer, Moredcai Richler. Click on the link to access the article.
  • Richler, Mordecai (Jewish Public Library of Montreal, 1969-03-16)
    Recording in two parts of a reading by Mordecai Richler at the Jewish Public Library of Montreal of his work, then in progress, provisionally entitled, "The Horseman of St. Urbain Street." The book was published in 1971 ...
  • Arnold, Janice (CJN: Canadian Jewish News, 2017-08-16)
    Written on the occasion of the 150th birthday of Canada, this essay considers the life, work and political attitudes of Mordecai Richler about the separatist movement in Quebec. Click on the link to read the article.
  • Griffiths, Sian (The Guardian, 2011-01-11)
    An essay in The Guardian about Montreal as it was when Mordecai Richler grew up there. He wrote about the Jewish immigrant experience in Montreal. Click on the link to access the article.
  • Mosaic 
    Unknown author (Bee.Ideas, LLC, 2013)
    "Launched in June 2013, Mosaic takes a lively, serious, and committed approach to Jewish issues and ideas. The main feature in Mosaic is a full-length monthly essay on an issue or theme of pressing significance for Jews, ...



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