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  • Eisenfeld, Sue (New York Times, 2014-04-17)
    An essay about American Jews in the South and their role in the American Civil War. Click on the link above to access.
  • Sassson, Rabbi Reuven (Orthodix Union, 2019-04-11)
    A discussion of how the fundamental meaning and message of the seder is freedom, the "journey from slavery to freedom." It is not simply freedom in the sense of not being in servitude, but a freedom that permeates throughput ...
  • Weinstein, Michael M. (New York Times, 2009-12-13)
    A biographical obituary of the famous economist Paul Samuelson in the New York Times. Click on the link above to access the article.
  • Fitzgerald, John (Anarchist Archives, 2011)
    A short biography of Paul Goodman, perhaps best known for his book, "Growing Up Absurd." Click on the link above to access the article.
  • (Nobel Media, 2008)
    A brief biography of Paul Krugman on the Nobel Prize Web Site. Dr. Krugman was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Science in 2008. The site also contains links to videos of the lecture he gave in accepting the prize and ...
  • Krugman, Paul (YouTube, 2012-04-20)
    YouTube video of Paul Krugman discussing why he, as an academic, became a New York Times Columnist. Click on the link below to watch it.
  • (A&E Television Networks, 2017-04-27)
    A biography of Paul Simon from Click on the link above to access.
  • Petertz Centre (2018)
    Located in Vancouver, BC, the Peretz Centre was founded in 1945 as the Peretz Shule. Its founders were a varied group that included "apolitical persons as well as Labour Zionists, Socialists and Communists, that shared a ...
  • Rabbinical Assembly; Committee on Jewish Law & Standards, Kashrut Subcommittee (Rabbinical Assembly, 2019)
    This is a guide to the practice of Passover from the perspective of Conservative Judaism. It is intended to "help families maintain a kosher for Pesah home in accordance with the principles of Conservative Judaism and its ...
  • Levin, Neil W. (Milken Archive of Jewish Music, 2018)
    A discussion of Philip Glass's life and work. Make sure to click on the "Read More" on the page to read the whole article. Click on the link above to access the page.
  • Academy of American Poets (, 2017-03-15)
    A biography of the Poet Laureate of the United States, Philip Levine. Click on the link above to access.
  • Homberger, Eric (The Guardian, 2018-05-23)
    A biographical essay on the life and work of Philip Roth that argues the "Poignantly humane novelist set on emancipating American literature from respectability." Click on the link above to access this essay that serves ...
  • McGrath, Charles (New York Times, 2018-05-22)
    A New York Times obituary of novelist, Philip Roth. Click on the link to read the article.
  • McGrath, Charles (New York Times, 2006-01-28)
    A biographical essay on the philospher, Saul Kripke, in the New York Times. Click on the link above to access the article.
  • Goodman, Helen (Jewish Women's Archive, 2009-03-20)
    An essay on American Jewish women photographers. Click on the link above to access.
  • Levine, Philip (, 2018)
    Ten poems by the American Poet Laureate, Philp Levine. Most of the poems are available as printed word and some as audio. Click on the link above to access.
  • Lazarus, Emma (Houghton, Mifflin and company, 1889)
    The complete poems of Emma Lazarus, author of the New Colossus, the poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty. Click on the icons below to access the volumes.
  • Goodman, Paul (Politics. Published online by The Unz Review, 1945-07)
    In the following remarks I trust that I can keep differentiated those judgments that depend on general social and cultural awareness from those that ...
  • Siskin, Edgar E. (The American Jewish Archives Journal, 1991)
    Review of the book, "Edward Sapir: Linguist, Anthropologist, Humanist" by Regna Darnell. Includes a thorough discussion of the significance of his contributions to linguistics anthropology as well his attitudes towards his ...
  • Pew Research Center Survey (Pew Research Center, 2013-10-01)
    Findings from a Pew Research Center Survey of U.S. Jews. Click on the icon below to access the pdf version of the report.



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