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  • Berlin, Irving (Youtube, 2009-09-29)
    A Youtube video of Irving Berlin singing his composition, "God Bless America," on the Ed Sullivan Show on May 5, 1968. Click on the link above to access the Youtube video.
  • Bernstein, Richard (New York Times, 1993-05-06)
    Obituary in the New York Times on Irving Howe. Click on the link to read the obituary.
  • (, 2012)
    The official Irving Layton website maintained by his Estate. Irving Layton was an important twentieth century Jewish Canadian poet. Included in this web site are a biography and a bibliography of his works. Click on the ...
  • Jacobs, T. (2001-05)
    A biographical essay detailing the life of the Jewish Canadian Poet, Irving Layton, to whom Leaonard Cohen dedicated his book of verse, Book of Longing. Click on the link above to access the essay.
  • Brenner, Rabbi Daniel (Huffington Post, 2012-04-16)
    A blog article on Drake, his Jewish roots and his "Re-Bar Mitzvah." Click on the link above to access the article.
  • Lewis, Meredith (My Jewish Learning, 2018)
    This article describes the role Mah-Jongg--originally a Chinese parlor game--has played for Jewish women. The game was an essential part of community life in many settings, including urban tenements, the suburbs, summer ...
  • Willis, Ellen (The Tablet, 2014-08-13)
    This essay was originally published in "Wrestling with Zion: Progressive Jewish-American Responses to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" edited by Tony Kushner and Alisa Solomon, and published by Grove Press. Click on the ...
  • Nobel Prize Committee (Nobel Media AB, 1978)
    This biography was written at the time Isaac Bashevis SInger was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Click on the first link above to access the biography.
  • Singer, Isaac Bashevis (, 1978)
    "No technological achievements can mitigate the disappointment of modern man, his loneliness, his feeling of inferiority, and his fear of war, revolution and terror. Not only has our generation lost faith in Providence but ...
  • Singer, Isaac Bashevis (Nobel Foundation, 1978-12-08)
    Recorded excerpt, in both Yiddish and English, from the Nobel Prize lecture by Isaac Bashevis Singer. Click on the link to access the audio.
  • Singer, Isaac Bashevis (Nobel Foundation, 1978-12-08)
    Text of Isaac Bashevis' Nobel Prize Lecture. Click on the link above to access the lecture.
  • Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band (YouTube, 2011-06-08)
    A track from an album entitled "Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band"
  • Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band (YouTube (licensed by The Orchard Music (on behalf of Traditional Crossroads), 2011-06-08)
    A piece from the eponymous "Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band" album. Click on the link above to access the recording on YouTube.
  • Cohen, Joshua Aaron (The New Republic, 2018-09-06)
    "Seventy years after its founding, has the Jewish State abandoned the American diaspora?" Click on the link above to access the article by one of the most acclaimed younger Jewish American writers.
  • J Street (J Street, 2017)
    The official Web Site of J Street, "the political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans who want Israel to be secure, democratic and the national home of the Jewish people." The date provided is merely the year in which ...
  • Atomic Heritage Foundation (2017)
    A brief biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer, who was a theoretical physicist and is known as the "father of the atomic bomb." Click on the link above to access the page.
  • Benny, Jack (CBS, 1960-12-04)
    An entire television episode of the Jack Benny Program, downloaded from the Internet Archive. It was first aired on December 4, 1960. It was added to the Internet Archive in 2008. Click on the icon to watch the program.
  • Teachout, Terry (Commenatry Magazine, 2017-10)
    This article in Commentary Magazine discusses the uniqueness and"quintessentially Jewish" nature of Jack Benny's comedy. "The Jack Benny Program" initially began as a radio show in 1932 that continued until 1950, when it ...
  • Steinberger, Jack (, 2019)
    An autobiographical essay by Jack Steinberger on the occasion of his being awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1988 along with fellow scientists Leon Lederman and Melvin Schwartz. Click on the link above to access.
  • Jackson, Lindsey; Wertheimer, Jack (New Books Network, 2019-10-29)
    An audio interview with Jack Wertheimer, author of "The New American Judaism: How Jews Practice their Religion Today" (Princeton UP, 2018). "Wertheimer argues that American Jews are indeed engaging with Judaism, albeit ...



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